The Burlington Music Dojo. Instrument lessons with pro Instructors, spacious rooms  on Pine Street serving Chittenden County. The Burlington Music Dojo. Instrument lessons with pro Instructors, spacious rooms  on Pine Street serving Chittenden County.

416 Pine Street

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We are a collective of outstanding independent music instructors.

From all over the state, we are very active in the VT scene and beyond (an accomplished crew folks! :). We've been in the magazines, play the venues, make the road trips...we've spent the hours, studied the theory and live the experience. Music is amazing and we're here to share that with you!

Local... and experienced!

Our approach:


Teaching music is a special skill which requires a deep knowledge of the instrument, real world experience playing, AND the patience, understanding and positivity to teach.  To nurture a productive, enjoyable learning experience it takes more than a technical wizard. A great instructor displays a positive temperament at all times, excellent communication skills, and an absolute focus on the experience of the student. It shouldn't be about the teacher, it should always be about the student.


Once all of that is there, technical mastery and a true understanding of the particular instrument, and music in general, is immeasurably valuable. There is no substitute for an experienced specialist. Chris, one of our drum teachers, attended Berklee and has 30 years of gigging and session experience. Franky has had steller reviews in European guitar magazines and has played hundreds of shows all over the place. Aram studied music at BHS, UVM, teaches at Johnson State, is internationally recognized and his YouTube channel has tens of thousands of followers.


Some might think that résumés like that mean only advanced students need apply...Not at all! Each one of us loves the experience of introducing brand new players to their instrument. Absolute beginners are absolutely welcome!


In additon to our experience and musical ability, our group shares a common belief in the power of teaching music positively.... you don't want to be regretting that they didn't stick with it 20 years from now. Learning music should always remain an enjoyable experience.


We love helping make this happen. We love sharing in music. Come learn with us!

We require 24 hours notice for lesson cancellations. Thank you!

Cancellation policy:


All of our instructors generally require at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Any exceptions are made solely at the instructor's discretion. Thank you for your understanding!

All of our instructors set independent music lesson rates! Just ask any one of us!

Lesson rates and payment:


There is no go-between collecting money at the Dojo; you deal directly with your instructor.  As most top-shelf pros do, we set our own individual rates (and most of us do offer the first lesson 1/2 off). We each accept cash, checks and some of us accept credit cards. Many of us offer price breaks with purchases of multiple lessons. Please get in touch for more info!

All of our studio rooms are sound-insulated, air-conditioned, WiFi ready and spacious! perfect for instrument lessons!

The Rooms:


These are not the usual cramped lesson rooms. All of the Dojo studio rooms are sound-insulated, spacious, air-conditioned, fully-equipped, WIFI and MP3 player-ready with windowed-doors. There's even enough space for parents too, so grab a cup of joe from Speeder's and hang out the lesson!